What is Executive Problem-Solving?

Executive problem-solving services help busy rainmakers keep making rain while ensuring that blockers to their success are discreetly resolved with care and expedience. 

Every now and then, even top dogs need a little backup.

Solving problems is a diagnostic activity, one that digs down into root causes and then applies situational knowledge and experience to developing an authentic solution. Authentic is the operative word here...an authentic solution ensures that the problem does not arise again. It's authentic because it really, truly solves the problem instead of covering it up or postponing it. 

It's also like detecting, in a Sherlock Holmesian kind of way, using listening skills to uncover tidbits of detail that may seem initially unrelated, and then with analysis finding the commonalities and patterns that reveal the truth of a situation. Viewed in its reality, a problem becomes elementary and possibilities for solution come into focus. 

In the professional world, problems are often referred to as "opportunities" and as "rocks in the stream of progress". There are fewer bodies to roll up in carpets (thank God), and more supplier-chain relationships to navigate. Nevertheless, blockers to progress are annoying AF. And if solutions to these blockers were fast or easy to come up with, they wouldn't be problems.

If you've got something in your way and would like some discreet help sending it packing — drop us a line and let us know how we can get you back to making the rain you're known for.