Muzik & Muzik, LLC, helps associations, organizations, and companies create and/or adapt education strategies that respond to the needs of their internal and external learning communities. We work on a variety of levels, and advise our clients on ways to do more with what they already have, while putting an additional focus on the long-term needs of their organizations.

Some of the benefits:

  • lower costs than in-house/staff hires (in most cases)
  • focused attention eliminates distraction from other organizational priorities
  • fresh eyes offer new perspectives
  • experts are engaged to address task-specific needs as the project evolves
  • up-to-the-minute knowledge of current and emerging trends
  • project management included
  • product-neutral approach to software/technology implementation
  • clients benefit from the process/experiences of other similar organizations
  • results guaranteed within defined timeframes

Working with a worldwide network of education and technology experts, M&M provides a range of services from needs assessment to content curation, to monetization advice and product bundling, to technical consultation and process guidance. The process of taking any organization or business’ assets from digital information to accessible education can be daunting and confusing at best. M&M’s mission is to provide clients with a guided, expert-driven approach to determining best practices and making the most of what they have now — and what they hope to create in the future.

We are experienced working with volunteer committees, boards of directors, staff, contractors, live conferences and meetings, publishers, marketers, education directors, and communities of learners. This ability to navigate what can often feel like a labyrinth to internal staff without getting lost in the weeds is a cornerstone of how we can work with you to ensure success.

M&M was created to provide organizations with credible, accountable support as they build timely programs that meet their mission and the professional needs of their learners. From our own 20+ years working for and with associations, we know that it’s hard to maintain momentum with education projects and achieve everything that you set out to achieve.

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Photo credit: Maria Kusakina 2015, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria